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Optical illusion and disorientation are the terms that characterize this project.

The purpose induces reflection in the passage between one space and another, between one environment and another.

Recognizing the spatial dimension, not automatically but according to a considered perception, becomes a mode that allows understanding of every aspect of the domestic place. In the check house nothing is taken for granted and everything is marked by an incessant and repetitive rhythm. The picture refers to our childhood, is a simple and familiar element. In the Self-sufficient wooden construction of 125.00 sqm children draw rhythmic forms, simple and complex, repeated to infinity, with the intent of acquiring the ability to confront and measure with space, with its construction and size. The house is organized through a path that links, according to a sequence, collective spaces with private ones. Large windows allow the light to penetrate in a soft way with the aim of emphasizing through strong contrasts the incessant repetition and texture.

The structure, entirely made of wood, is self-sufficient from the plant  engineering point of view.

A large cistern placed under the construction allows to  recover rainwater that can be reused for domestic use. through a sewage system. From the thermal point of view, we think of a geothermal system that includes underfloor heating. Finally, regarding the electrical system, it is possible to have photovoltaic panels with storage elements. The systems will be housed in a suitable technical room set up within the volume. The infill materials (also made of wood) are characterized by a ventilation system composed of insulating panels arranged in the volume and in the cover.



Anna Rita Emili

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