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In this project the search for optical illusion and movement is underlined through color. Black and white stripes surround the entire house, creating a place strongly dynamic and, at the same time, arousing a state of instability of perception towards the observer. Black and white are among the primary colors of the history of art and architecture, starting with rock painting. up to the bichrome of the Gothic and Romanesque cathedrals present in our territory. The house, which measures 100 square meters. is characterized by a long central axis of distribution that leads to private spaces. This path, thanks to its width (3 meters) can be transformed into a collective space of the house, in a place of conviviality generated by the sliding of the two walls present in the facades of the structure. Sliding inwards the walls delimit the space and its different configurations and dimensions, also determining particular optical effects. From the functional and compositional point of view, through the movement it’s possible to obtain specifically: covered open spaces, (porches), living areas and relaxation areas.



Anna Rita Emili

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