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Wooden platform on wheels 2.4x2.4= 5.76


“The first remedy for a cure consists of offering madmen a certain freedom so they can abandon themselves in moderation to their natural impulses” (Michel Foucault “The History of Insanity”).

A journey towards nothingness on a polyfunctional raft enables us to live, dwell and frequent a space no longer as a catalogued environment, but as a resource, which opens to experiments and to the flight from social and behavioural standardisation.

A wooden structure measuring 2.4x2.4, mounted on wheels. Inside the plate is a series of accessories, which enable this platform to be used as required. Four extractable chairs and a table and four anchor hooks allow the mobile platform to be transformed into a place to eat and sleep. Four drawers containing accessories, such as a tent and a survival kit, enable the mobile structure to be used as a self-sufficient element. Above all, under extreme natural conditions, such as heavy rainfall and floods, the raft can happily float on the water and guarantee survival, without having to wait for the civil defence to arrive. It can also transform into an economic tool for holidays under other circumstances.

Year: 2010

Architect: Anna Rita Emili

Collaborator: Luigi Terribile 

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