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The idea for this project was given to us by quantum physics. To be precise the point in which the hypothesis of the existence of anti-matter arises.

Recent studies have confirmed the presence of this unknown element. Quantum physics also claims that if anti-matter exists, the super-symmetrical mirror also exists (as yet not demonstrated), which resembles an enormous door, a sort of star gate, through which it is possible to reach other dimensions, as has been experimented for some time. The mirror, seen as a synthesis between P (reflection), C (inversion of negative and positive particles) and T (inversion of time), contains the missing half of matter we can perceive.

Thus, we have thought of a house conceived exactly as a half by means of composite reflection, as the remaining volume lies beyond our dimension.

The dimensions of the domestic space are reduced to the bare minimum, according to the real requirements, as what remains is simply an optical illusion.

This type follows the rules of visual perception, so that each side of the house has the opportunity to reveal its essence of anti-matter, its own other to become a total.  The mirror is the boundary between matter and anti-matter, whereas the existing wall becomes the support of the basic steel structure. It contains sharp pivots, on to which the compact volume (half) of the house is fixed. The structure is anchored to the wall via a system of nuts and bolts, and interpenetrates and supports the white, compact volume of the house. This volume is capable of creating a strong contrast with what pre-exists, and in materials and shape resembles a typical superfetation of the Mediterranean landscape.

The house is reduced in size to 3m in width and 15m in length and rises on three levels. Each level contains the functions requested to provide a flexible space. Access to the house is via an elevator, which also becomes a means to cross the internal spaces of the house vertically. Light penetrates via a long glass window surrounding the domestic space, which becomes the element to separate the old and the new. The house does not claim to be a futuristic project. It is simply a real way to respond to new discoveries in physics, which will before long become real.

Architect: Anna Rita Emili

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