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A project based on the principle of flexibility applied to the system of internal patios which form the nucleus of the house.  Via a system of sliding walls and transparent roofs it is possible to create one, two or three inner courtyards, or three closed spaces integrated within the domestic space. In this case, the empty space becomes an integral part of the house. The internal patios are arranged in the corners and in the centre of the house with a swimming pool, which can be open or closed thanks to a system of sliding roof panels.  The house consists of three fundamental elements, which are a reminder of the traditional, tectonic system: a prefabricated, reinforced concrete basement (electro-welded plate) containing the system of sliding glass walls: a reinforced concrete roof (electro-welded plate) containing the system of sliding sunshade panels: lastly, a series of prefabricated, cement walls, the corners of which feature four sliding, wood panels. All the domestic spaces are flexible and the house appears as a self-sufficient body thanks to the system of patios, which become winter gardens or rooms in the house, as required, and guarantee the correct exposure and ventilation inside the house.

Architect: Anna Rita Emili

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