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Like any lighthouse, our project is meant to light the way to an environmentally friendly building, with close ties with the local heritage and culture, yet remaining perfectly modern and dynamic. We chose to imagine and create something which would be impressively small when compared to its height, so t this lighthouse could in no way obstruct the amazing landscape surrounding it. This is the reason for the two concrete pillars, which successfully carry building as high as possible into the sky, and naturally lead the eye upwards. Once your gaze reaches the top, it is easy to recognise in the transparent Glass cube, the sides of which are wrapped in natural materials, the typical, local, hand-made box made by intertwining pliable bands. This box is normally used by the natives of the Amazon to keep their jewels, made mostly of colourful feathers,. Our cube has several walls depicting the natives’ feathery jewels, exactly like the box from which it takes its inspiration. To make this Cube even more appropriate for the surrounding landscape, the walls are not fixed, but can be moved to allow many different views. Similarly, the majority of the internal walls are sliding, in order to change the indoor space as needs be.. The sides are designed to house led lights, and even the concrete, of which the pillars are made, is translucent and adds its own light to the building.

Architect: Anna Rita Emili


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