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This special project is based on the presence of holograms.  It is basically a single, completely empty space, in which all the furnishings and service rooms are located along the perimeter of the house, whereas the central space is divided exclusively via artificial light to create special, optical effects. We are talking of holograms, which use laser light to enter inside the dwelling and make the space scenographically complex, taking the concept of flexibility and transformability of the space to the extreme. This particular perceptive experience allows one to be everywhere and to observe everything: simple furnishings, a sculpture, a theatrical scene, a film, a landscape, etc. Neither matter nor supports exist. The three-dimensional images float in the air, suspended in space.   Inside the house, priority has to be given to the design and creation of the spaces intended for the location of the laser projectors (diodes). This implies giving priority to an imaginary subdivision of the space, which will materialise only via the light.  The house with holograms is a pure volume, simply covered in reinforced concrete panels. Outside, the architecture is matter: it is heavy, closed, and not well illuminated with natural light. The openings are few and small.

The scene is set exclusively inside the house, disregarding everything which is outside. This is a world of alternating marvels, via images, which replace one another and still more. It is a space, which resembles a body, the cells of which continually regenerate to testify to the passing of time and of life.


Architect: Anna Rita Emili

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