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The apartment stands in piazza Bologna, a district to the east of Rome, featuring buildings dating mainly back to before and during the Fascist period.

The building is a block, constructed in 1928 with the typical finishes and mouldings of the period. The idea was to respect the period features, yet provide a modern, innovative look inside.

The perimeter wall of the house has kept its original details, which can still be seen: the old, dark grey cornices and ceiling stuccos, in contrast with the white walls.

The central nucleus of the house features a sequence of moving, translucent and opaque walls in different colours to make the space extremely flexible and dynamic. The sliding glass door, in particular, which divides the day from the night zone, opens up to a space with the typical colours of the period: dark grey and ochre yellow, which pick up the original floor colours (ochre and grey crushed marble in the bedroom and a nailed parquet flooring).

There is an original, 30s stained glass in different, lead-bordered colours at the end of the night zone access area.



Architect: Anna Rita Eemili

Contractors: Bruno Ricolli costruction ,Palladio SPA Treviso, Sicher Srl Roma

Photos:Umberto Cao,Anna Rita Emili

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